Guru Gobind Singh Ji was the Enlightener who dispelled delusion and brought awareness.
Being the Guru he is One with God. It is impossible to make an estimate of his greatness as a person, for the Guru is not a person. He is Light. The Guru's glories are infinite, and therefore unfathomable and inexpressible. No one can estimate the Guru's greatness, only pay homage to the Guru by expressing his glories as seen in the play of his phenomenal life.

This site is a guide to Sikhism, its social and spiritual roots, its history,beliefs and philosophy.

Profile of our ten Gurus.
See this unique timeline which places Sikhism in the context of world history.
If you are new to sikhism then read thedetailed yet easy to understand history of the Sikhs, from Guru Nanak Dev Ji to the present.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji
A rich and full account of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's life story.
Guru Gallery
Extensive and rare images of the Guru's with text
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Udasis I
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's journey through the Himalayas and Nepal
Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Holy Guru Granth Granth Sahib Ji.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Udasis II
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's journey to the middle east
History Gallery
Extensive images through Sikh history
Definition of Sikh terms
Guru Nanak in Istanbul
Did Guru Nanak Dev Ji travel as far west as Turkey?
Siddh Gosht
Translation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's masterful Siddh Gosht - conversations with the holy hermits.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji Janamsakhi's
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's life through the janamsakhi tradition
Joat Bighaas
Bhai Nand Lal ji's composition explaining the succession of the Guru's
The big issue that splits the community. Updated

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is first and foremost the spiritual leader of the Sikhs,

Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Commander in chief

but here we analyze Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s role as a brilliant military commander.
Glimpses of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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The Route of the Sinner
Guru Hargobind Sahib
Rare Dasam Granth images
Rare Sikh artifacts
Rare Sikh artifacts II
Rare Sikh artifacts III
Sikh Women
The Nihang Singh's
Sikh - School Resource
Sikh images from 1800's
Sikh Rare Artifacts
Evils of the RSS
The attempted Hinduization of the Sikh faith and history
Guru Granth Sahib Ji
The Holy scriptures of the Sikhs, a message of hope for all mankind
India Non-violence Movement
What were the origins of the India non-violence movement?
Rare Images
Rare Guru paintings
Evangelist in Punjab
Evangelist targeting the Sikhs
Harmindar Sahib
History and rare pictures of the Golden Temple
Realm of Truth
A descriptions of the astral planes or Khands, as described in the morning prayer, Japji Sahib
Sant Mahapursh
Holy men who have devoted there lives to the service of God, but have fallen out of favour with modern Sikhs.
Chaurasi Lakh Joon
The circle of life and death
Banda Singh Bahadur
He shook the Moghul Empire to its very core from which it never recovered
An extract from the famous work describing what the enemy thought of the Sikhs
Gurus & Emperors
What was the relationship between the Guru's and the Emperors of India
The importance of early hour prayer
Sikh Misls
The 12 Misls or confederacies that shaped the Sikhs in the 18th century.
Descendants of Rai Bular
Shabad Hazare
The shabad of Guru Arjun Dev Ji
1984 Pogroms Remembered
Sikhs butchered while India watched in silence
The Four Yugas or Ages
Description of the four ages
Descendants II
Descendants of Bhai Mardana, Mian Mir
Images and history of the Sikh regiments
Arjan Singh , Dilbhag Singh
Sikhs show their mettle in battle and win the greatest honour
Sikhs in the Indian Air Force
Sikhs in World War I
Sikh contribution in the Navy
The highest wartime gallantry medal
Medieval Sikh armour
Anglo-Sikh Wars
The Lion of the Punjab, secular ruler with images of the splendour of his darbar.
Frenchman Victor Jacquemont meets the Raja.
The last Maharaja of the Sikhs.
Eminent Sikh scholar and poet
A poem dedicated to the bravery of Bandha Singh Bahadur.
The Sikh reformation movement
Spiritual liberation through the divine Name.
One for the philatelists
One day in the life of Sarwan Singh
Striking front page images from 80's
Some pencil drawn images
Read about sect misinformation about Sikhs
Pictures at an exhibition
Web Hosting at Zylem
 Kirtan and images of the famous jatha.
Extensive list of baby names, ahhhhh!

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