Sikhs and the Navy
  HMS Sikh HMS Sikh
  HMS Sutlej HMS Sutlej
  Sikh sailor on the HMS Sikh HMS Sikh

  Name: HMS Sikh
  Navy: The Royal Navy
  Type: Destroyer
  Class: Tribal
  Penant: F 82
  Built by: A. Stephen & Sons Ltd. (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Ordered: 24 Sep, 1936
  Launched: 17 Dec, 1937
  Commissioned: 12 Oct, 1938
  Lost: 14 Sep, 1942
    The HMS Sikh was a Tribal class British Destroyer built in Glasgow. At the beginning of World War II she was based in Malta. In 1941 she took part in the chase to hunt down the German battleship Bismark.