Sikh Body Armour.



In various museums around the world there is a wealth of artifacts relating to Sikhs and Sikh warfare. Here we see body armour as worn by Sikhs at the Leeds Royal Armouries.

A breast plate made of copper and brass with an image of Guru Nanak Dev Ji etched in intricate patterns.

This breast body plate was recently put up for auction by Christies in London. It was rumoured that it belonged to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Once the Sikhs caught wind of this demos were prepared for and demands that it be handed over to the Sikh authorities. The seller, unknown, got cold feet and withdrew the item from sale.


Details of the body armour proported to belong to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

These head protection items were specially designed for Sikhs, notice the protuberance at the top to accommodate the unshorn hair tied in the normal knot. The chain mail that drapes down the sides is to protect the back of the neck and sides.