Joat Bighaas.

Bhai Nand Lal Ji was an avid scholar of Farsi, Arabic and Sanskrit. He had acquired a vast knowledge of Sikhism, Islam, Sufism, the Vedas and Hinduism. His Farsi verses are melodious and heart rendering. He was abundantly equipped with compassion, perseverance and nobility. He was a connoisseur of meditation and Naam and was like, Bhai Gurdass Ji, a perfect and unique Gursikh. As soon as he met Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Anandpur Sahib he was simply and utterly overwhelmed by him and developed an intense devotion to Guru Ji that has rarely been seen, this is born out in some of the most devotional compositions dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

It seems clear from the format and basic contents of Bhai Nand Lal's writings that almost all his ten works were written under the influence of the teachings on the Sikh faith after he came to the darbar of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, seven in Persian and three in Punjabi.

As each composition was written under the guiding influence of his Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and as Guru Ji personally read and approved each compost ion then there can be no doubt that all that is contained in the works of Bhai Nand Lal Ji had the express approval of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

In this composition Joat Bigaas, (reproduced below in part) Bhai Sahib Bhai Nand Lal Ji has explained how the radiant spirit of Guru Nanak Dev Ji transcended into the serial succession of the ten Gurus. What is noteworthy here is that from the very beginning of the composition the Gurus are referred to as the complete form of Akaalpurkh (God). Guru Gobind Singh Ji in his humility has only hinted at his divinity but here Bhai Sahib Ji has made it quite clear and there should be no confusion of doubt to the reader.

Ik Onkaar Satgur Parsaad.

Guru Nanak is the complete form of Akaalpurkh,

Without doubt, he is the image of the Formless and the Immaculate.(1)

Waheguru created him out of His own radiance,

The whole world, then, receives numerous boons from him.(2)

Akaalpurkh has created him out of all the selected ones,

And, has placed him on a higher place out of all high places.(3)

Waheguru has declared and appointed him as the prophet of both the worlds,

Without doubt Guru Nanak is the grace and benignity of heavenly salvation and bestowal. (4)

The Omnipotent has addressed him as the emperor of this world and the heavens,

His disciples receive a sprint of super natural powers. (5)

The Lord Himself adorned his (Guru’s) exalted throne,

And, admired him with every possible virtue and goodness. (6)

The Almighty directed all His near and selected ones to fall at the Guru’s feet,

And, His flag, a symbol of victory, is so tall that it challenges the sky (7)

The throne of his empire will always be stable and permanent,

And, his high-gloried crown with éclat will last forever (8)

Akaalpurkh has blessed him with praises and generosity,

And, it is because of him that all towns and regions are so gracefully elegant (9)

Guru Nanak was the prophet even before his predecessor prophets,

And, he was much more valuable in worth and importance (10)

Thousands of Brahmaas are admiring Guru Nanak,

The rank and status of Guru Nanak is higher than the glory and splendor of all great persons (11)

Thousands of Ishars and Inders contained in the lotus feet of Guru Nanak.

And, his status and place is higher than all the selected and the great ones (12)

Thousands like Dhroo and thousands like Bishan, and similarly,

Numerous Raams and numerous Krishens (13)

Thousands of gods and goddesses and thousands of Gorakh Naath

Are willing to sacrifice their lives at the feet of Guru Nanak (14)

Thousands of skies and thousands of cosmos,

Thousands of the earths and thousands of netherworlds (15)

Thousands of seats of firmaments and thousands of thrones,

Are willing to spread their hearts and souls in the lotus feet of Guru Nanak (16)

To thousands of the material worlds and thousands of the worlds of gods and angels,

Thousands of the regions representing the forms of Waheguru and thousands of heavens; (17)

To thousands of inhabitants and thousands of localities,

And, to thousands of earths and thousands of ages (18)

Akaalpurkh has directed (them all) at the feet of Guru Nanak as servitors,

We are eternally grateful to and willing sacrifice ourselves for Waheguru for such a bestowal and kindness (19)

Both the worlds are radiant only because of Guru Nanak,

Akaalpurkh has designated him superior than all other selected nobles and the elite (20)

Thousands of people and thousands of winds and thousands of gods and goddesses are willing

to lay themselves at the feet of Guru Nanak as sacrificial objects (21)

Thousands of emperors are Guru Nanak’s slaves in attendance,

Thousands of suns and moons keep bowing to salute Guru Nanak (22)

Nanak and Angad are the same,

And, the master of largesse and great praises, Amar Das, is also the same (23)

Ram Das and Arjun are also one and the same (as Guru Nanak),

The greatest and the best of all, Hargobind, is also the same (24)

Guru Har Rai is also the same, to whom

The observed and revered sides of everything become absolutely clear and apparent (25)

The prominent and distinguished Harkrishen is also the same,

From whom, the wishes of every needy person are fulfilled (26)

Guru Tegh Bahadur is the same also,

From whose radiance emanated Gobind Singh (27)

Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak are one and the same,

Whose words and messages are diamonds and pearls (28)

His word is a precious jewel and has been tempered with the real Truth,

His word is a diamond which has been blessed with the shine of the real Truth (29)

He is more sacred then every sacred word,

And, he is more elevated than all of the four types of mineral resources and six types of manifestations. (30)

His commands are obeyed in all the six directions,

And, the entire kingdom is illuminated because of him (31)

The beat of his kettle-drums resonates in both the worlds,

And, His godliness is the glory of the word (32)

His elevated prominence illuminates both the worlds,

And, it burns down the enemies (33)

From the fish in the netherworld to the highest eternal limits,

The whole world follows his sacred Naam with their heart and soul (34)

Kings and gods remember and worship Him in their meditation,

And, His belief and faith are much more fortunate and sublime than every other religion (35)

How about millions of Kaisers, emperors of Germany and millions of Mangolian kings,

How about innumerable Nausheervaans and countless emperors of Iran (36)

Whether we talk about Egyptian kings or Chinese rulers of high rank,

They are all the dust of his lotus feet (dust of the path on which he treads) (37)

All these people adore his feet and are his servitors and slaves,

And, all of them are the followers of his divine command (38)

Whether it be the Sultan of Iran or Khan of Khutan,

Whether it be the Daaraa of Tooraan or the king of Yemen (39)

Whether it be the Tsar of Russia or the ruler of Hindustan

Whether it be the officials of the south or those fortunate Raos (40)

All the chiefs and the kings of the east and west

Are obeying his sacred command even at the cost of their lives (41)