Arm yourself with knowledge.

Cyber Sangat Ji, it is with a heavy heart that adds this section to our site.

We regard all the worlds people as one and have no animosity towards anyone. All we wish is to get on with the task of meditating on Gods name and get closer to Him. But we feel that our youngsters are being accosted in their schools, colleges and on the web and bullied and harassed for their beliefs. A lot of lies and misinformation is spread by certain sections of the community to undermine our values. Our youth need to be armed with knowledge about their own faith and that of others so that they can tackle often difficult questioning by these zealous zealots.

The following are some answers to questions often aimed at Sikhs. Remember, a lot of what these people say are lies or Sikh scriptures deliberately misinterpreted, so be strong and meet the challenge!
Let us iterate once more, we hold no animosity towards any one and would rather not attack any faith or belief, in fact religious harmony is an ideal which we should all strive towards.
 Is Guru Nanak a False Prophet?
Are the Sikh Scriptures authentic?
How can Re-Incarnation be Accurate?
How can God be Omnipotent and within Evil?
How can Sikhs claim to have a complete way of Life?
What is a Just War in Sikhism?
How can God Create himself?
Why can Sikh women not Divorce?
How can Sikhs Claim that there are “many paths to God”, then he Punishes those whom do not adhere to Sikhism?
Why is Sikhism Not Evangelical?
Was Guru Nanak Dev Ji a muslim ?
Why did Guru Nanak Dev Ji's own son abandon Sikhism?
If God is everywhere like Sikhism says, then is God inside you when you're on the toilet? Is he in you when you commit adultery , fornicate , drink alcohol, smoke?
Sikhism talks a lot about time-wasting rituals. Aren't the 5 Ks just a big ritual?
Sikhs revere a false scripture not a revelation from God. Bhagats and Saints have contributed to the Guru Granth Sahib proof that this is not from God, but from the collective writings of men.
The semitic books and the Koran give plenty of prophocies, in fact they take great pride in their so called prophocies, what about Sikhism?
The idea of reincarnation is rejected by three major religions. Why have Sikhs just copied the Hindus? (Christianity and reincarnation. Islam and reincarnation)
The other religions celebrate days and acts of previous prophets. E.g. The offering of a sacrifice of a sheep by Muslims on Eid. The day Moses defeated the armies of The Pharaoh, the Muslims and Jews celebrate by fasting on this day. etc. Why don't Sikhs celebrate such events?
The 3 semitic faiths testify to Satans existence and tell the story of how he was rejected. Why don’t Sikhs believe in Satan?
The Semitic scriptures of Jewish, Christian, Islamic, speak of common events. Why does Sikhism not mention them as well? Why did the Guru's fail to mention a catastrophic flood with encircled the whole earth, and left one family on a ship laden with animals? Why is the father of Monotheism- Abraham whom Jews, Christians, Muslims all respect and testify to his monotheism, nowhere to be mentioned in Sikhism?
Why do you not cut your hair but cut your nails?
What is Sikhisms views evolution?
If the Gurus said that all religions lead to the same path, you'll be ok whichever religion you're in.
Were not the guru’s products and derivatives of there own society?
In other faiths women are given such respect what about sikhism?

What of these verses from Dasam Granth Sahib : 'Khharti Ka Poot Hon, Baahman Ko Nahey, Kaiy Tapp Aavat Hon Jo Karon'. "I am son of Khatri and not of Brahman who does 'Tap'."

Guru Nanak Dev Ji's message is not unique, but rather a compilation of Hindu ideals
Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a Hindu reformist.
Sikhs speak about being a peaceful people, but what about the constant connection with the kirpaan, or sword
You cannot enter heaven and be in God's presence with sin. Because Jesus died for your sins you can receive forgiveness only through him and enter heaven, with Sikhism you still sin and have not been forgiven. No matter how much you meditate you cannot receive forgiveness so you cannot enter God's presence.