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Cyber Sangat Ji, it is with a heavy heart that adds this section to our site.

What a glorious faith it must be when two of the worlds largest religions fight and squabble over it. O' how glorious must Guru Nanak Dev Ji be when two of the worlds largest religions claim him to be their own. Do the Hindus claim Mohammad Ji to be their own? Do the Muslims claim Bhagwan Krishan Ji as their own? Why have not the Jews not come forward to claim prophet Mohammed Ji as a jew or the Christian not come forward to claim him as a Christian even though he had declared that he was a continuation of the line of prophets and the last prophet.
Yet glory be to Guru Nanak Dev Ji that both Hindu and Muslim claim him, but the biggest miracle is that Guru Nanak Dev Ji belongs to everyone, the message is univeral.

We regard all the worlds people as one and have no animosity towards anyone. All we wish is to get on with the task of meditating on Gods name and get closer to Him. But we feel that our youngsters are being accosted in their schools, colleges and on the web and bullied and harassed for their beliefs. A lot of lies and misinformation is spread by certain sections of the community to undermine our values. Our youth need to be armed with knowledge about their own faith and that of others so that they can tackle often difficult questioning by these zealots.The following are some answers to questions often aimed at Sikhs. Remember, a lot of what these people say are lies or Sikh scriptures deliberately misinterpreted, so be strong and meet the challenge. Let us iterate once more, we hold no animosity towards any one and would rather not attack any faith or belief, in fact religious harmony is an ideal which we should all strive towards.

Intro 1
Are Sikhs the same as Muslims or Arabs ?
Did Guru Nanak Dev Ji have a robe with quotes from the Quran?
Intro 2
Are Sikhs are Hindus ?
Sikhism is a derivative religion from Islam and Hinduism
Sikhism was created to defend the downtrodden Hindus and Hinduism
Going to visit a Sikh home?
Page 1
Was Guru Nanak Dev Ji a muslim?
Sikhism is a "man made" religion hence is not a real religion and is Guru Nanak Dev Ji a false prophet
Sikhs revere a false scripture not a revelation from God.
Page 2
Guru Granth sahib contains text of muslim poets
The first statement of Guru Granth Ji that is God is one was known by the muslims
Page 3

Sikhism teaches the contradictory concepts of God being with attributes and also without attributes

Was Guru Nanak influenced by Kabir who was a muslim?
Page 4
How can God be Omnipotent and within Evil?
How can Sikhs claim to have a complete way of Life?
Page 5
How can God Create himself ?
Why did Guru Nanak's own son abandon Sikhism?
If God is everywhere , then is God inside you when you commit adultery?
Page 6
How can Sikhs Claim that there are “many paths to God?”
Sikhism talks a lot about time-wasting rituals. Aren't the 5 Ks just a big ritual?
Why do you not cut your hair but cut your nails?
Page 7
How can Re-Incarnation be Accurate?
The idea of reincarnation is rejected by three major religions.
Christianity and reincarnation
Islam and reincarnation
Page 8
The three main religions take great pride in their so called prophocies
The other religions celebrate days and acts of previous prophets. e.g. the Muslims and Jews celebrate by fasting on this day, why don't Sikhs?
Why don’t Sikhs believe in Satan?
The Semitic scriptures of Jewish, Christian, Islamic, speak of common events. Why does Sikhism not mention them as well?
Page 9
How does Sikhisms view evolution?
In other faiths women are given such respect what about sikhism?
Sikhs speak about being a peaceful people, but what about the constant connection with the kirpan, or sword?
Why can Sikh women not Divorce?
Page 10
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's message is not unique, but rather a compilation of Hindu ideals
Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a Hindu reformist

Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes “Deh Shiva bar mohe..”

What of these verses from Dasam Granth Sahib : I am son of Khatri and not of Brahman who does 'Tapp' ?