TRH visit the Indian Memorial at Neuve-Chapelle in France

19th July 2010

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall paid tribute to the contribution of Sikh, Muslim and Hindu soldiers in the First World War during a visit to the Neuve-Chapelle Indian Memorial today. The Battle of Neuve-Chapelle saw a huge contribution by the British Indian Army, and the memorial represents the 4,742 Indian soldiers with no known grave who died in the First World War.Their Royal Highnesses attended a memorial service, which was attended by children from a number of schools in Britain learning about the contributions of the many different ethnic communities that fought and died in the First World War for the Allied cause.

n entering the memorial, The Duchess was presented with flowers, before The Prince was invited to lay a wreath given to him by a pupil from Allerton Grange School in Leeds.Pupils from the school talked to The Prince and told him what they have been learning about the link between shared national values and national cohesion, in relation to Neuve-Chappelle and the sacrifices made there by the many different ethnic communities.


Poems were recited by 10-year-old Rasnam Singh, who travelled with a Sikh delegation. Their Royal Highnesses listened as he read the poem which had been written by a Sikh soldier who served at Neuve-Chapelle.

Rasnam was followed by a specially written poem by a pupil from Allerton Grange School.

The Prince and The Duchess toured the memorial grounds meeting with veterans, Gurkhas, and representatives from Britain’s Hindu, Sikh and Muslim communities who had made the journey to Neuve-Chapelle especially for the service

Their Royal Highnesses visited Neuve-Chapelle Memorial, in memory of soldiers from South Asia who gave their lives fighting for the British Indian Army in the First World War. Their Royal Highnesses met a delegation from the Sikh community and students from the United Kingdom and France.

The Sikh delegation, led by the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail included renowned Scottish Sikhs music producers Tigerstyle.

Commenting on the visit Pops of music duo Tigerstyle said “We very much welcomed the opportunity to be represented at this important event. It is our duty to preserve the memories of our forefathers who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Europe” The delegation was led by the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail, for which Tigerstyle are Goodwill Ambasadors. The charity were behind the launch by MSP Linda Fabiani, of the Scottish Sikh Heritage Trail at Edinburgh Castle in 2008.

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