Bandha Singh Bahadur, a true great Sikh hero.

Bandha Singh Bahadur, Sikh general extraordinair, shook the Moghal empire by its foundations. A tantric bairagi (holy man), in 1708 he was baptised a Sikh by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and given the task to punish the tormentors of the Sikhs.

By 1709 he had reached the Punjab where he was joined by many Sikhs and Hindus. He sacked many moghul towns including Sadhaura, where the moghuls had killed Pir Buddhu Shah and his disciples. He defeated and punished the Hill Chiefs. Against heavy odds he attcked the city of Sirhand and killed the currupt Wazir Khan. Bandha singh extended his rule up to the river Ravi and occupied the whole of the Punjab.


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