Maharaja Dalip Singh, son of Ranjit Singh. Last Raja of the Sikhs.

Dalip Singh was the youngest son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was born to Maharani Jindan on Sept 6, 1837. At the age of five years he was proclaimed Maharaja of the Punjab.

The treaty of Lahore of March 1846 made the British Government responsible for the administration of the state and the protection of the Raja. The treacherous British provoked a rebellion and made the Raja acknowledge that it was against the Government of his ward and they punished the child by confiscating his dominion and his treasures for their own use.

Under the guardianship of Sir John Login in England Dalip Singh was converted to Christianity. In 1863 on returning to India with the ashes of his mother the Sikh spirit awakened in him and he re- converted back to Sikhism.


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