Both left for the Punjab and reached Amritsar in August 1740 disguised as farmers come to pay their taxes. They entered the precincts, while Sukha Singh kept watch Mehtab Singh threw the bags of money (infact the bags were full of pebbles) infront of Massa. Massa could not contain himself, the got off his seat and bent forward to open the bags. With one fell swoop Mehtab Singh drew his sword and sliced off Massa's head. There was chaos, the guards, the doped up officials were dispatched to the netherworld, to the female dancers they said "if you had been men you would have followed your colleagues to the next world as well". With all the confusion they were on there horses and out of Amritsar.

Bhai Sukha Singh Ji and Bhai Mehtab Singh Ji bringing back the decapitated head of Massa Ranghar.

In 1739 Zakariya Khan tried to root out the Sikhs and ordered his chaudry (chief) Massa Ranghar to carry out his orders. He sent may cartloads of Sikh heads back to Lahor. He entered the precincts of Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple) and committed the most heinous and worst crimes possible. He turned the precincts into stables and the inner sanctum into a dance hall with smoking a drinking. The news reached Jaipur where Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Mehtab Singh were charged with bringing back the head of Massa Ranghar.


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