One of the most appalling events in the history of India







Ahmad shah Abduli invaded India in December 1748 for the umpteenth time, as no help was forthcoming from Delhi Mir Mannu made peace with him. Abduli reinstated him as governor of Lahore and Multan. Seeing the rising power of the Sikhs Mir Mannu gave orders to seize them wher eever they were found, and put to death. Anyone who brought back a head of a Sikh would get a reward. Once on a special Muslim day Mannu ordered the beheading of 1,100 Sikhs and filled well with their heads. The Sikhs took it stoically reciting a verse which has now entered folklore.

Mannu is our sickle, we are the crop he mows, the more he cuts us, the more we grow.

When Sikhs were divested of their men he ordered the capture of the women and children. The women were made to suffer all manner of torture and degradation and often laid don their lives. Their children were pierced with spears and hacked into pieces before their eyes. They were made to wear garlands of their children. Not one of there ladies abandoned their faith, the supreme sacrifices made by these ladies are still remembered by Sikhs in their daily prayers to this day.

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