On his invasions of India Ahmad shah Abdali was often relieved of his booty of treasures and slaves of women and children, which the Sikhs would return to their villages. Ahmad shah never forgot nor forgave the Sikhs for this and in 1761 charged his trusted general Nur-ud-din Bamzai to chastise the Sikhs. A great battle was fought on the banks of the Chenab against a Afghan force of 12,000 men. The Sikh forces was led by Charat Singh of the Sukherchakia Misl. The Afghans fled in disarray and took shelter in a fort in Sailkote. Charat Singh followed them and laid siege. The General finding his men starve, and demoralized abandoned them by disguising as a beggar. The booty at Sailkote fort provided the Sikhs with much needed artillery and war weapons.


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