Charat Singhs victory over Gen. Nur-ud-din deeply disturbed Khawajha Ubaid Khan. The countiuous victories of the Sikhs meant they controlled the areas of central Punjab, the Doab, Naudaun and the Shivalik hills. To avoid the wrath of his master Ahamd Shah Abduli, Ubaid Khan recruited a huge force to attack the Sikhs. He marched on Gujaranwale the headquarters of Charat Singh and laid siege. The news of the attack on Charat Singh reached other famous Misl leaders like Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Hari Singh Banghi, Jai Singh Kanhaiya, Lehna Singh, Sobha Singh and Gujjar Singh who rode to Gujaranwale to his aid.On reaching Gujaranwale Khan feld with his forces without striking a single blow.


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