Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

Jassa Singh was the son of Badar Singh who had served under the great Bandha Singh Bahadur. When Jassa Singh was four years old his father died. He and his mother were taken in by Guru Gobind Singh Ji's widow Mata Sundri ji. She lavished great affection on Jassa Singh and brought him us as her own. He was only 13 years when is uncle Bhag Singh died and he took over hs jatha, later to be known as the Ahluwalia Misl. He fought along side Nawab Kapur Singh who appointed Jassa Singh as the commander of the Dal Khalsa and handed over to him the steel mace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. In Novemer 1761 he captured Lahore and in 1783 advanced on Delhi and entered the Red Fort on March 11. He as given the title of Badshah Singh and installed on the throne of Delhi.


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