Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.

Jassa Singh was born in 1723 near Lahore. His grandfather Hardas and father Bhagwan Singh both had the privilege and honour of serving Guru Gobind Singh Ji. After returning from Nanded Bhagwan Singh also served under the mighty Bundha Singh Bahadur, he was killed near Lahore in a battle against Nadir Shah.

Jassa Singh was an expert swordsman, a brave and fearless warrior and the leader of the Ramgarhia misl. He fought many battles shoulder to shoulder with Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, the leader of the Dal Khalsa. He succeeded Hari Singh Bhangi in the leadership of the Taurana Dal and temporarily took over the leadership of the Dal Khalsa when the Ahluwalia sardar had been wounded in the battle against Ahmad Shah Abduli during his eighth invasion in 1767. His territories in the Bari Doab and Jallundhar Doad yielded an annual revenue of Rs.1.6 million for the Sikhs.


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