Nawab Wazir Khan the Governor of Sirhand was aware that Bandha Singh Bahadur was preparing to face him in battle. At the time, Sirhand was a well fortified walled city and the idea that an untrained rabble would ever break into it was laughable and absurd. But in the heart of each and every Sikh was a raging fire fueled by the thought that this was the place where the innocent young Sahibzaday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were put on trail and executed in a most cruel way, and nobody lifted a finger to stop it.

The Sikhs of Jallundhar and Bari Doab had received news of Bandha Ji's advance on Sirhand. After crossing the Satluj river they fought a fierce battle with the Nawabs forces. Victorious in battle they joined Bandha near Kharar. The battle if Sirhand was fought on May 12, 1710 twenty miles outside Sirhand. A bloody battle raged for hours. Wazid Khan was killed by Bhai Baaj Singh, the moghal forces morale collapsed and the battle ended with the complete annihilation of the moghal army.

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