In April 1715 Bandha Singh Bahadur while carrying on operations in the north of Amritsar was attacked by a huge Moghal army. As his forces were persued from three sides he took cover in a havaili, or mansion .This havaili and its compound was improvised into a small fortress. The enemy forces lay siege for eight months in which time all provisions inside had been exhausted, even the grass and the leaves of the trees had been eaten. The Sikhs were too weak even to wield their swords.



The imperial army entered the havaili on December 1716 and took all prisoner. Governor Abdas Samad Khan immediately put 200 Sikhs to death, the rest including Bandha Singh was set in iron cages and sent to Delhi. They reached Delhi on February 1717. Hundreds of Sikhs were beheaded every day. Life was promised if they embraced Islam. Not one Sikh abandoned his faith.

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