Rare hukamnamas from the Guru's
These items have only come to light recently and have been in the possession of Bhai Roopa Chands family for generations. Bhai Roopa was a devoted Sikh of the Gurus and he was bestowed with many gifts by the Guru. With great foresightedness his family have kept these rare and precious items in pristine condition which can now be enjoyed by Guru Ji's sangat.
A special thanks to Prof. Balwinder Singh of Guru Nanak Dev Ji College, Ludhiana for supplying the information..
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This hukamnama signed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji aks Bhai Roopa Chand for assistance of arms, men and camels.
This Hukamnama signed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji is addressed to Bhai Roopa Chands grandson , Bhai Mahar Chand.
A note signed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Bhai Roop asking for horses, mares and buffalos
Hukamnama of Guru Gobind Singh Ji dated 21st October 1706 for Bhai Dharam Singh and Bhai Roopa as Guru Sahib Ji was preparing to leave Sabo Ki Talwandi for the Deccan.
Hukamnama of Guru Gobind Singh Ji kept at Patna Sahib Ji.
This letter is from the time of Guru Arjun Dev Ji which was sent to Bhai Roopa.
Note from Mata Gujri Ji asking Bhai Roopas family to come to Amritsar at diwali.
This hukamnama is by Baba Bundha Singh Bahadur asking Bhai Dharam Singh and Bhai Param Singh to join him in the battle of Sirhand.
This hukamnana is by Mata Sundri Ji dated 13th Sept 1728 addressed to Bhai Dhulla Ji, Bhai Bighah Mall, Bhai Gurdas and Bhai Ramo
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