Bhai Handal bowing to Guru Amar Das Ji.

The institution of Guru-ka-langur (free kitchen) was growing and becoming a great force during the time of Guru Amar Das Ji. Guru Ji ensured that social prejudices were renounced and equality of mankind accepted by all those who came to seek his blessings. Every devotee whether Hindu or Muslim, Brahmin or Shudra, rich or poor was asked to partake of food in the langur before he/she could see the Guru.

Once when Guru Ji came to visit the langar Bhai Handal Ji was kneading dough. He was delighted to see Guru Ji and as he prepared to bow he realised that to maintain cleanliness he needed to keep his hands off the floor. He put his hands behind his back and bowed infront of Guru Ji. Guru Amar Das ji was greatly impressed and appointed him as a preacher. He went back to his home town of Jandiala and started preaching the Guru's message.

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