Mai Bhago leading the Majha Singhs along with the forty deserters to the battle of Mukhatsar.

In 1704 Anandpur was under siege. Provisions were completely exhausted and some Sikhs asked permission to leave. Guru Ji insisted that if they were to go that they write a disclaimer that they were no longer the Sikhs of Guru Ji. Forty Sikhs did so and returned home. On reaching their village they were charged by a lady by the name of Mai Bhago to poured scorn on their lack of faith a courage. She led them back to Anandpur where they joined the famous battle at Mukhatsar.

  At the end of the battle Guru Gobind Singh Ji looking for survivors found Mai Ji wounded. She told Guru Ji that the forty had died valiant deaths. Guru Ji was touched by this great sacrifice and sought out the leader of the group Maha Singh, who was fatally wounded, Guru Ji took out the disclaimer the forty had signed and tore it up. Mai Bhago survived the battle and served Guru Ji and died at a ripe old age. Home Gallery