Easy Sikh Quiz 4.

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1.) What was the first words uttered by Guru Nanak Dev Ji after disappearing in the river and his communion with Akal Purkh ?

Ekh Onkaar
There is no Hindu there is no Musallman
Sat Kartar
Earn honestly, share what you have with others and meditate on Gods name.

2) After baptising Madho Das (Banda Singh) what name did Guru Gobind Singh Ji bless him with?

Kapoor Singh
Chattar Singh
Bachittar Singh
Gurbaksh Singh

3.) Mata Gujri Ji and the young Sahibzaday were betrayed by their servant to the authorities, who was he ?


4.) What is the name of the Epistle of Victory composed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and sent to Aurangzeb ?

Fateh Nama
Karni Nama
Zafar Nama


5.) Where in Delhi was Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji martyred ?

Chandni Chawk
Old Delhi
Laal Killa
Mohini Chawk


6.) How many hours does a normal Akhand Paath, continuous reciting of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, take ?

24 hours
36 hours
48 hours
52 hours


7.) Which sufi saint was invited to lay the foundation stone of the Harminder Sahib Ji ?

Pir Buddhu Shah
Hazarat Mian Mir
Daulat Khan


8.) What the name of Guru Angad Dev ji before becoming second Guru of the Sikhs ?

Bhai Madho


9.) What prayer is recited last thing at night ?

Rehras Sahib
Shabad Hazarey
Chaupai Sahib


10.) How many ang (pages) are there in Guru Granth Sahib Ji


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