Harder Sikh Quiz 1.

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1.) What was the name of the war drum created on the instructions of Guru Gobind Singh at Anandpur Saib?

Jang Nagara

2) What was the name of Bebey Nanaki's husband ?

Daulat Ram
Jai Ram
Ram Chand
Rai Chand

3.) What is the name of the stringed instrument played by fifth Guru, Guru Arjun Dev Ji ?

Rudhur Vina

4.) "Hindu turk kou rafzi imaam safi maanas ki jaat sudhai ekai pehchaanbo."
(Some are Hindus, some are Muslims, some are Rajzis, Imams and Sufies, but all belong to the one race of humanity.)
Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote these famous lines, but in which composition ?

Jaap Sahib
Bachittar Natak
Var Bhaguti Ki


5.) Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwaley were head of which institution created by Guru Gobind Singh Ji ?

Damdami Taksal


6.) In 1734 Nawab Kapur Singh divided the Khalsa forces into two main divisions, one was the Buddha Dal, what was the other ?

Jujhar Dal


7.) "Hum eh kaaj jagat mo aay, Dharam hate gurdev pathaay, Jaha taha tum Dharam bithato, dust dokhian pakar pacharo."
I have come into the world for this purpose, the Supreme Lord has sent me for the protection of Righteousness
'You should propagate righteousness everywhere; seize and destroy the sinful and wicked'
Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote these lines, but in which composition?

Bachittar Natak
Akal Ustat
Ram Avatar


8.) In what language was Var Bhaguti Ki composed, by Guru Gobind Singh Ji ?



9.) " It was He who created Durga so as to destroy the demons. Rama also took strength from Him to kill the ten-headed Ravana with his arrows. Krishna also got his strength from Him and thus threw down Kansa by his hair. "
Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote these famous lines, but in which composition ?

Ram Avatar
Krishan Avatar
Var Bhagauti Ki


10.) In which town was panj piyara Bhai Dhaya Singh born ?


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