Harder Sikh Quiz 2.

Multiple Choice (Click the radial button to select the best answer.)

1.) In what year was Guru Gobind Singh Ji proclaimed guru ?


2) On which mountain did Guru Nanak Dev Ji meet the hermit Siddhs, immortalised in the Siddh Gosht composition ?

Mount Jawalmuki
Mount Kangra
Mount Kullu
Mount Sumayr

3.) What was the name of the two horses offered to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji by devotees from Kabul that were later
rescued by Bhai Biddhi Chand from the imperial authorities ?

Dilbhag and Shanibhag
Gulbhag and Dilbhag
Neelabhag and Gulbhag

4.) What was the name of Aurangzebs elder brother who he poisoned and who was made better by a herbal remedy
administered by Guru Har Rai Ji?

Dara Shikoh
Prince Mauzzum
Shah Jahan


5.) What was the of Maharaja Ranjit Singhs mother-in-law who was his personal adviser and a formidable lady?

Rani Jindan


6.) How many vaars (odes) did Bhai Gurdas Ji compose which are regarded as the 'kunji' (key) to Guru Granth Sahib Ji ?



7.) Nawab Kapur Singh founded which misl (confederacy)

Bhangi Misl
Ramgharia Misl
Faizalpuria Misl


8.) What was the profession of Bhai Himmat Singh one of the five beloved ?



9.) What was the original name of Amritsar ?



10.) Where is Maharaja Dalip Singh buried ?

Elgin, Norfolk
Elveden, Suffolk
Blenhiem Palace

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