Harder Sikh Quiz 3.

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1.) In which town was Guru Gobind Singh Ji married to Mata Sundri Ji ?

Anandpur Sahib

2) What was the name of the brahmin who proposed to perform the sacred thread ceremony but which Guru Nanak Dev Ji rejected ?

Pandit Hardyal
Pandit Haridas
Pandit Shivdyal
Pabdit Dyalhari

3.) What caste was Bhai Sahib Singh before he became one of the Panj Piyaray or Five Beloved ?


4.) What was the age of Guru Amar Das Ji when Guru Ji ascended the heavens ?



5.) Who wrote Ham Hindu Nahi (I am not a Hindu) and Mahan Koshe ?

Bhai Kahn singh


6.) After a long campaign in which Banda Singh Bahadur shook the Moghal empire to its foundations, where was he captured ?

Kote Kapura
Gurdas Nagal


7.) Which Sikh had to buy land by laying out a carpet of gold coins in order to cremate the young Sahibzaday shaheeds ?

Motti Mehra
Buddhu Shah
Todar Mall


8.) Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji traveled to Delhi at the request of Aurangzeb, but decided not to meet him. At whose residence did
Guru Ji stay in Delhi ?

Raja Bhim Chand
Divan Nand Chand


9.) Who wrote Kalgidhar Chamatkar ?

Bhai Randhir Singh
Bhai Santokh Singh
Giani Thakur Singh


10.) What weapon was used by Bhai Bachitter Singh when he fought and killed a raging drunk elephant ?

Karodh Khungar
Nagini Barcha
Karpa Barcha

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