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Sau Sakhi translates to 100 (Sau) stories about the Guru (Sakhi). This book contains stories that are penned by or are about Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It contains many stories about incidents in Guru Sahib Ji's life always with a moral slant there are also stories that predict future events especially about the end of the present age of Kalyuga (Darkness). It depicts a nightmare world of society that has broken down into chaos where dharam (religion) is outlawed and the mere mention of anything religious is punishable. In this state of total darkness when all hope is lost will emerge an avtar (incarnation), called Kalki. As can be seen this book is controversial and many Sikhs foolishly deny its connection to Guru Sahib Ji.


Here are a selection of sakhies translated into english but still trying to keep the essence of the story.


Sau Sakhi No3.

Once, there a great sangat (congregation) came to to get darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Ji appeared, dressed immaculately, looking radiant and handsome, as if the god of mammon himself was sitting there.

Guru Ji said, "Do not let anyone go."

It saddened the 'Sangat', when three days passed, the 'Sangat' became homesick. There were some Sikhs belonging to the 'Malwa' region. They had a lot of work to do at their homes.

Not one of them dared to ask Guru Jee to let them go. So, they planned to flee from the Guru's place.

They got a bamboo-stair and made a bier from it. They put a man, who was alive, on it and pretended as if it was a dead body. The devotional singing was going on in the holy court of Guru Ji. These Sikhs pretended as if they were going to burn the dead body and started to go singing the holy hymns. They were singing the holy line, "Sevak Kee Orhak Nibhahee Preet".

When they reached near Guru Ji, he asked, "Why is there such a noise? Why are these people crying?"

One of the courtiers went to those Sikhs and asked what was the problem. He came back to Guru Ji and said, "O true King! A Sikh has died".

Guru Ji ordered, "Bring him here".

That false bier was brought near Guru Ji. The false tears were running out of the eyes of those Sikhs. After a while the all knowing Guru said to the supplicant ('Ardaaseeya'), "The discipleship ('Sikkhee') is far away. Mostly, there is just the 'guise' (Bhekh). Has anyone the faith in Guru's house?"

The supplicant appealed, "O true King! The people are liberated by your holy view. They sing the holy hymns of the Guru. All the Sikhs will be liberated".

Guru Ji said, "If you want to see, put the bier on the fire secretly".

The supplicant went near the bier and put a log, which was ablaze, under it. The man, who was lying on the bier, felt the heat. He got up and made a ran for it tearing the shroud as he ran.

The other Sikhs were stunned to see how some people were trying to deceive Guru Ji. The Sikhs, who organised all this drama felt ashamed.

Guru Ji said, "Brothers! This Sikh will go to the heaven, because you were singing the holy hymns. Listen, had you succeeded to deceive, you would have gone to your homes and would say that Guru Ji makes no difference to the people as we tricked him. Your faith in the Guru would be lost".

Guru Ji gave them the permission to go.


The 12th Sakhi

One day, a Sikh was reciting the a holy composition from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. He read the line, "Karte kee mit Karta jaanai, 'ke' jaanai Gur soora". (The word 'kai' was wrongly pronounced. He pronounced it as 'ke').

When Guru Ji listened to this, he ordered his Sikhs to cane the man. Other Sikhs prayed, "Guru Ji, why did you get this Sikh caned? A person, who recites even a single line of your bani, he is liberated; but this Sikh recited (whole of the composition of) 'Oankaar' and is beaten". Guru Ji smiled and said, "Brother! He did not 'research' before reading."Guru Ji asked that Sikh what he read. The Sikh again read that line wrongly. Guru Ji said "Pronounce this line, as 'Karte kee mit Kartaa jaanai, 'kai' jaanai Gur soora'.

"Brother! The meaning of this line is like this, 'The Creator knows His extent or the warrior Guru knows'. This Sikh mispronounced a vowel, which distorted the meanings like this, 'The Creator knows His extent. What does Guru know?' This is the contrary meaning. Sikh brothers! He, who pronounces the bani accurately, will be liberated. One who does not recite the Bani correctly will be punished.”


The 29th sakhi

Once, a Sikh made a request before the Guru Ji, "O true King! I am grieved by the world. Eliminate the pain of birth and death. Save me from sins. I am in your protection. I am illiterate".

Guru Ji said, "Brother Sikh! You are blessed that you became detached (from the world). An fool cannot get sense without education. One should get education. An uneducated person cannot understand anything. The God meets him, whose pronunciation of 'Bani' is perfect. Brother! Do study. Guru Ji asked the 'Granthi' to teach that Sikh with love. The 'Granthi' started to teach him. While teaching, he taught him this line of Anand Sahib prayer, "Anand bhya meree maaye, Satguroo main paaya." (The heavenly pleasure occurred, O my mother, for I have found my True Guru). The Sikh recited this line with love and went reciting it. Sometimes, he would eat from 'langar' (the community kitchen). His faith increased reciting this line. After six months, Guru Ji asked the Granthi, "Did he learn?" He replied, "He did not return after learning one line." Guru Ji called for that Sikh and asked, "You were sent to learn." He replied with folded hands, "Guru Ji! One line is enough. When the True Guru has been found, 'Anand' is gotten. (Without getting the 'Anand') more reciting is the act of 'Bemukhs'."

Guru Ji smiled and said, "You are 'nihaal' (bliss). Your cycle of birth and death has been curtailed."


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