Sikh - School resource kit



The resource kit is designed with school lessons in mind.

It gives the basic beliefs and principles of Sikhism in easy download-able pages.

Please feel free to download and photocopy the information and distribute to the class as required.



If you would like someone to visit your school and talk about Sikhism in a very humerous and informative way why not check out :

Mr Roop Singh

    Who is a Sikh ?
    Basic Sikh beliefs
  The Sikh Gurus
    Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  The Khalsa and the 5 K's
    The Gurdwara - Sikh Temple
  Sikh Scriptures - Guru Granth Sahib Ji
    Are the Sikhs distinct ?
    Short stories about the Gurus
  Your input is always valuable, if you feel this kit or the information in it can be better presented then please drop me an email.